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Are you looking for a safe place to grow through an unwelcome loss?

Are you grieving a partner, child, parent, relationship…
a loss suffered or one on the horizon?
Tell your story…new perspectives can offer new possibilities

memories-in-motion-examplesTelling your story is a gift. I have seen, time and again, in my office and in my life, that stories are a substantial legacy and nearly everyone who is grieving wants an opportunity to speak meaningfully about what they have lost. Honest words can break your heart…wide open. From there, healing might well find it’s way to previously dark spaces.

Every kind of loss needs to be spoken of and can be. Let’s create opportunities together by shaping your loss in a way that allows you to tell your story and preserve it into the future.





Eileen Vandergrift, PhD / Fort Collins, Colorado /Grief Therapy /Stories of Loss