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New perspectives & possibilities… what people say:

“I was divorced more than a year when I talked to Eileen. I was cycling between depression and outrage without ever really moving on. Even I was tired of me! I felt as hopeless as I ever remember feeling and scared too. I wasn’t so sure that a “new story”, as she called it, would help but I had to do something! Just talking to her helped me hear myself better because she had a way of considering things that gave them a much bigger meaning. I’m still divorced, lol,  but I see it differently and that’s made me a lot less angry.”
— Mary

“…I am the mother of a child who died. My journey has been a long one that I’m pretty sure will never be complete but I met with Dr V because she had what I thought was an interesting idea, a book, a book about a life. I met with Dr V. I showed her pictures. I told her stories. I cried. I laughed. We laughed. I remembered a lot of things. She left my house carrying in her camera, and in her mind, things that we felt would honor his life. We met a few times and then she worked for a while without me and then we met one last time before the book was done to shore things up, get my approval and clarify a couple of things. She had focused the story through my son’s love of music. I started to think of life as a song. My son’s fight was long and ”yes” hard, still with this book laid out in front of me, I have tangible proof, on dark days when I seem to forget, that he loved music, he loved us and he loved a lot about his life. Thank You Dr V. I will always be grateful.”
— Ann

“This book about my brother is so glorious and so sad at the same time that I’m afraid I can’t put my feelings into words…it’s the best present I have ever gotten since he died… I most like to share it with new friends in my life that never got to know my brother, it’s like a window into my soul, that I can’t express…It means the world to me.”
— Nora

“Thanks Eileen, the book was spot on, and will always be treasured by our family!”
— Dave

“Whenever my heart is heavy, I reach for the treasured memories within the bindings of Eileen’s thought filled book. She helped me create it to honor my mom…”
— Bridget





Eileen Vandergrift, PhD / Fort Collins, Colorado / Grief Therapy / Stories of Loss